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"     Absolutely love this book! If you enjoy books that allow you to take notes and make plans WHILE you read, then you will love this book."


                                           - Dr. S. Josey

Here’s is just some of what you can expect:

A reminder of how to be happy

  • An evolution in spiritual growth that empowers rather than defines

  • How to understand yourself better and benefit from it 

  • How to embrace life with renewed passion

  • Making sure you are showing up in your life rather than a representative

  • Learning how to let go of negativity for good 

  • Remembering how to have fun again

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Dr. Suzette Clements

Dr. Clements, a podiatrist trained in forefoot surgery and general podiatric medicine, is the owner of Flat Shoal Foot & Ankle Center, located in South DeKalb, for over sixteen years.  Her dedication to her patients have caused her to be recognized in her field, and in the community.   She is a speaker, and an author. She has published, "Re-Scripting your life: Power Principles for True Happiness ", an Inspirational book that empowers people in changing their paradigms to re-script their lives.  

"Re-scripting Your Life touched my heart in a remarkable way. It is highly transformational. If you want to be happy in spite of your current situation, you must read it cover to cover. Make sure you also get a copy for those you really care about."

Rene Godefroy, Best-selling author of

"Kick Your Excuses Goodbye"


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