Meet Dr. Su


One of the most sought-after dermatologists today, Dr Su is on a mission to help as many people to combat skin and hair-related problems.

Dr Suyomi Shah, an M.D. Dermatologist & a Certified Trichologist (IAT Australia), humbly accepts the tag of 'World’s first Acneologist ' given to her by her proud patients. Specializing in treatment of acne, Dr Su has helped thousands of patients get rid of their acne issues that have persisted for years!

Extraordinary results often lead her patients to call her a super doc, however Dr Su is as friendly as one can be. Her intention is to be accessible to all her patients on a personal level.

Dr Su marches on with a singular mission - to aid individuals in regaining their confidence and be comfortable with their skin.


Why 'Acneologist?'

"Acne is something I struggled with for the longest time. Looking at most of my peers around me go through the same and seeing how it affects confidence irked me. It led me to gain a keen interest in dermatology & specifically deciphering the science behind acne.​

I discovered that acne isn't something that you can get rid of permanently by opting for medical treatments once. It relies heavily on implementing holistic lifestyle changes also.​

I started my journey as a dermatologist with a special emphasis towards treating acne for my patients. One happy patient soon became a thousand. And before I knew it, I was given the title of - 'World's first Acneologist'!"