The Dr Su Philosophy

Dr Su has a unique approach to treating skin & hair problems.
She believes there is no 'one size fits all' formula in skin & hair care - every individual is unique & needs to be prescribed a unique solution.
Dr Su strongly advocates holistically adopting lifestyle measures & practices that help you live confidently at all times.
Her philosophy is clear - only a holistic approach can solve persistent problems. 
Hence she believes in not only prescribing oral medications & topical creams, but also stresses heavily on lifestyle.
An appointment with Dr Su involves a thorough (and confidential) exploration of your skin (and/or hair) issues, including a detailed analysis of your current skincare/hair care practices, dietary & lifestyle choices and goals. This analysis helps her devise a unique plan for each one of you to get the radiant, acne-free skin & luscious hair you deserve.
A personalized personal-care, diet & lifestyle plan will be put together for you in your appointment, ensuring that you leave  feeling enlightened, excited and confident about the future health of your skin & hair.